Logical Song

By Supertramp from the album Breakfast In America


Event Calendar

June 28, 2023

The Surfer Boys

From 7:30PM to 9:00PM

From the group that brought you The Jersey Tenors comes a spirited tribute to the band credited for creating pop music’s iconic “California Sound.” Four Broadway veterans bring The Beach Boys’ biggest hits to life with classics like “California Girls,” “Good Vibrations,” “Barbara Ann,” “Surfin’ USA, and many more you know and love. Filled with the honey-tinged harmonies and unforgettable melodies that defined 1960s California and pop music, The Surfer Boys will have you hangin’ ten in no time.

Location: Goldstein Cabaret

Website: https://www.floridastudiotheatre.org/events-and-tickets/2022-23-summer-cabaret/the-surfer-boys/

Phone: 9413669000

Black Pearl Sings!

From 8:00PM to 10:00PM

In 1935 Depression-era Texas, two women from very different backgrounds discover the other holds the key to everything they’ve each been searching for. Susannah is an ambitious Library of Congress musicologist, determined to record undocumented slave songs. Pearl is an African American woman with a soulful voice, a steely spirit, and a sentence in a high-security female prison. Pearl’s memory is a treasure-trove of unrecorded slave era music, but can she hand over her ancestors’ songs without giving up something of herself? Black Pearl Sings! tells the evocative story of an unlikely bond, preservation of musical heritage, and the human need for hope and healing.

Location: Keating Theatre

Website: https://www.floridastudiotheatre.org/events-and-tickets/2023-summer-mainstage/black-pearl-sings/

Phone: 9413669000